Drive-In Rules

Parkway Cinema’s Pop Up Drive-In Rules  

We are eager to welcome all of our loyal patrons back to the movies.  In today’s environment, we understand the need to change with the times and are pleased to be able to offer an outdoor drive-in option in addition to our indoor theater.  We are thrilled to introduce Louisiana’s only drive-in movie experience to Natchitoches and are eager to provide this great, family friendly entertainment option to our guests. 


The following guidelines have been created to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.  We thank you for your support and kindly ask that you read and follow these rules so that the outdoor show can go on in Natchitoches.

  • To keep the air clean and the experience enjoyable for others, vehicle idling will not be permitted.  Vehicles must be turned off once parked.  If you are concerned about the heat, you may consider bringing  battery operated fans.
  • In respect for your fellow movie-goer and so that everyone can enjoy the show, please no arrival after the start of the show, no horn blowing during the movie and, except in case of emergency, no early departure prior to the end of the show.
  • Headlights, parking lights, etc. must be turned off before the start of the show. ‚Äč


  • We strongly encourage advance ticket purchases online.  Alternatively, tickets may be purchased at the Parkway Cinema box office.   Tickets must be purchased before entry into the drive-in space.
  • A maximum of six persons per vehicle will be allowed. 
  • Please carefully make your purchase as ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  There are no refunds or exchanges.  Please make sure you will be able to attend prior to purchasing your ticket. 
  • In the event of a heavy rain, the show will be cancelled and you will receive a raincheck.  In the event of a light rain, the show will go on!
  • The entrance will open at 7:00 p.m. to allow ample time to park all vehicles prior to the start of the show.  The show will begin at approximately 7:45 p.m.  Vehicles must arrive prior to 7:45 p.m.  We will not permit vehicles inside once the show begins.
  • Theater staff will assign all vehicles to parking spots.  To ensure everyone has the best possible view, cars will be parked in the front rows, followed by SUV’s and then trucks in the back rows and sides.  If you would like to be parked next to family or friends, you must arrive at the same time and be lined up back to back.  We will not save spots or wait for other vehicles to arrive.
  • Please follow the directions of the theater staff when parking your vehicle, and when exiting after the movie.  Vehicles will be parked with at least six feet of distance between vehicles.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed.  We depend upon concession sales to keep not only the drive-in but the theater itself open.  Please support our efforts by considering purchases from our concession menu.  Staff will come by your car to take your order and deliver right to your vehicle or you may visit the indoor concession stand to make your purchase.  Thank you for your support of our efforts!
  • Sound will be delivered to your vehicle through an FM transmitter.  If you are concerned that your vehicle battery may not last, please bring a portable battery-operated FM radio.
  • No alcohol, no smoking, no pets.
  • Guests are allowed to sit outside their vehicle.  Chairs may be placed directly in front of your vehicle but must remain within the width of your vehicle.  No sitting on roofs of cars or either side or behind your vehicle. 
  • Trucks and SUVs are allowed to park backwards facing the screen.  Sitting inside the bed of a truck is allowed and encouraged.  Guests are allowed to sit in the back of an SUV but the hatch must not be opened higher than the top of the vehicle so as to not obstruct the view of others.
  • Guests may visit the indoor concession stand or restroom. 
  • Any disregard of the guidelines will result in removal without refund.
  • Guidelines are subject to change.



Tips For An Enjoyable Experience:

Enjoy this unique outdoor movie going experience and help us improve by sending us your constructive comments and more tips for an enjoyable experience.  Know that we truly appreciate your support and we are working hard to keep the movie theater in Natchitoches!

  • Get the whole family together for a fun family night; dress in cool and comfortable clothing and enjoy a fun and relaxing night at the movies.
  • Don’t stress over getting the “best” spot.  While we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding presentation, the drive-in is not going to provide the best possible movie-viewing experience anyway.  If you are looking for the best seats in the house, we recommend you visit our indoor theater.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring a battery-operated fan and mosquito spray.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes.
  • If you are concerned that your car battery will not last the duration of the movie, consider bringing a portable battery-operated FM radio.
  • Guest are encouraged to bring lawn chairs if sitting in the back of a truck and/or directly in front of your vehicle.  Guests sitting in the back of an SUV might consider bringing pillows for added comfort. 
  • In order to adhere to social distance and group gathering guidelines at this time, guests can sit outside their vehicle but must stay within the width of their vehicles.