Our theaters range in size from 3 – 6 screens, which is far less than the larger markets mega-plex theaters that have 12+ screens. We simply cannot show all the movies that the larger theaters can show.


But more importantly, contrary to what many people think, we cannot obtain just any movie that we want to show. Movies studios set marketing and distribution budgets for each movie. They decide how many prints of each movie they will release. Smaller towns like the ones in which we operate may not be offered a movie print at the same time as larger nearby markets, such as Slidell, Alexandria, Lafayette and New Orleans. Typically, mainstream movies in which the studios will release 3,500+ prints will almost always come to our theaters at the same time as the larger markets. More limited release movies with only 1,000 – 2,500 or fewer prints generally will not be available to us at the same time as the larger markets.

You can submit feedback directly to us on our website. Click HERE

You can check your Acadiana Cinemas gift card balance on our website. Just click HERE. You can also check your gift card balance at any of our theaters. Currently, we do not sell gift cards online. You must go by one of our theaters to purchase gift cards. Our gift cards, regardless of where purchased, can be used at any of our locations.

Movie showtimes will generally appears on our website each Monday evening for the upcoming weekend and subsequent week. In certain cases where a blockbuster movie is coming that we know will have huge demand we may post those showtimes 2-3 weeks before that movie opens.

Always check our website or with the theater for specific showtimes each day. Our theaters open approximately 30 prior to the first show of the day. The box office and concession stand close approximately 15 minutes after the start of the last show of the day.

Our age policy for the purchase of tickets is as follows:


  • Adult - 13 years old and older
  • Child - 12 years of age and under
  • Senior - 63 years of age and older
  • Children age 2 and younger are free

Our R-rated policy is consistent with standards set by the Motion Picture Association of America (“MPAA”) and that most all movie theaters in this country follow.


Persons under the age of 17 are not allowed to attend R-rated motion pictures without being accompanied by a parent or adult guardian throughout the movie. Valid ID's will be required to attend rated "R" films. Persons under the age of 17 who are not accompanied by their parent or guardian throughout the entire movie will be asked to leave without refund. (Parents or guardians cannot purchase tickets for, or give permission for, an under-age person to attend a R-rated movie without the parent or guardian sitting in the movie with them).


Parents are strongly urged to find out more about R-rated motion pictures in determining their suitability for children that they bring into the movie with them. Generally, it is not appropriate for parents to bring their young children with them to R- rated motion pictures.

Please contact the manager at the specific theater at which you wish to inquire about booking special events.

On-screen advertising is available at all of our theaters. You must contact the third- party who handles this. Their contact information can be found on our website HERE

Please contact the manager at the specific theater at which you wish to inquire about employment. We do not provide online applications.

Currently, we do not offer a rewards program.